A simple and elegant screenwriting app for macOS.
Free and open source.

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Version 1.1.0h beta
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Distraction free writing

No buttons or other useless crap on screen. No popup alerts. No preferences. Toned-down appearance is easy on the eyes and you can concentrate on writing your story.

Plain text

Files are saved using the plain-text Fountain screenplay format. You can export your files to Final Draft and PDF, or even edit them on any text editor.

Night mode

Whether you are a vampire, devil worshipper or undead, Beat offers a pleasant dark mode for all the children of the night.


Outline view and scene cards provide a good insight into your story. Add sections and synopses, and reorganize your scenes by dragging & dropping.

Automatic elements

You don't need to format your screenplay. Elements such as scene headings and dialogue are automatically recognized, full with autocomplete for previously entered stuff.

Easy scene numbering

You can either use automatic scene numbering and never care about it again, or lock and edit them directly in your script.

Timeline View

Always keep track of where you are in your story. Timeline supports sections, synopses and scene colors.

Scene Filtering

Easily filter scenes by their location, color, name or any other content. (And coming up: filter scenes by character.)

Script Analysis

Who is speaking the most? Are we mostly outside or inside? Analysis tool is still evolving all the time and will feature more data in the future.

About Beat

Beat was originally created for personal needs as every other screenwriting kind of sucked. Beat might suck too, but at its own terms.

The app is totally free and will remain so, most importantly because free creative software can enable new, aspiring artists from different backgrounds. (And if you want to support the development, you can name your price for Beat at

Beat is originally based on Writer, a Fountain screenplay editor by Hendrik Noeller. The source code is released under GNU Public License, which means it will always remain open and public. And anyone can help with development!

See the source code at GitHub

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What is Fountain?

Fountain is a plain-text screenplay format. It allows you to write screenplays in any text editor on any device and because it’s just text, it’s portable and future-proof.

Fountain is designed to "just work" if you simply typed some text that looked like a screenplay. It also has some power-user features, which you won't need in most cases.

Beat has an editable Tutorial to get you started with Fountain!

Read more on the Fountain website.